Exploring personal and professional grief and loss in the nursing home setting

  • 16/8/2023

Loss and bereavement are common experiences within the nursing home setting. The nursing home residents, their family and nursing home staff all experience various losses and bereavements. This webinar will give an overview of loss and bereavement (personal and professional) for nursing home staff.

  • What is loss? What losses do nursing home residents experience?  What losses do staff experience?
  • What is grief? what is bereavement? 
  • Common reactions to grief and loss.
  • Why are grief reactions different? Risk factors? Protective factors?
  • Anticipated and disenfranchised grief in the nursing home setting
  • Personal and professional grief in the nursing home setting.
  • What is bereavement care? What can help? Where to access support, if needed?
  • Some self-care tips

This is an online event, and registration is required.

  • Time : 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm (Europe/Dublin)

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