Project ECHO Networks

Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a tele-mentoring programme that uses video-conferencing technology to connect people.


Project ECHO is intended to build relationships and communities of learning, and to provide a safe environment that facilitates open discussion between participants.  It is explicitly non-hierarchical and participatory in nature, with Network participants involved in curriculum setting, case presentations, discussion, and evaluation. The network fosters a spirit of collaborative learning in a safe environment.


Delivered by the All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative care (AIIHPC), Project ECHO Nursing Home Knowledge Networks will support nursing home staff to improve their knowledge and skills in the care and management of patients with a wide range of palliative care needs. One network will be established in each of the nine CHOs. Initially each network will meet for ten fortnightly ECHO sessions. Thereafter, with the support of AIIHPC, each network will decide for itself how its learning community will be self-sustained.

For more information and to register for a Project ECHO Network please visit the AIIHPC website

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