Quality Improvement Workshops

This workshop provides an opportunity for staff to reflect on and understand the potential impact working in palliative, EOLC and bereavement may have on them. This reflective workshop focuses on the impact working in end-of-life care can have on staff. It addresses the impact of COVID-19 on end-of-life care for healthcare staff, how grief and loss at work and at home can impact on staff, workplace coping strategies, self-care and practicing self-care techniques. It focuses on building resilience and developing coping mechanisms for staff working in palliative, end-of-life and bereavement care. IHF Arts & Engagement in Healthcare projects will support the ongoing development of health and wellbeing of staff.  

This workshop focuses on communication skills to support and enable staff to engage with residents and families to plan their end-of-life care. 

Topics include seeing things from the resident’s perspective, delivering person centred care, exploring what’s involved in good palliative & EOLC communicating with residents and families about future wishes   about EOLC, and how to support residents when they’re dying.  

This workshop supports the establishing of a quality improvement framework within the nursing homes and participants are trained as Caru Facilitators in the following.  

  • Developing a vision for EOLC  
  • Implementing Caru Reviews Process  
  • Conducting reviews following the death of each resident 
  • Contacting bereaved relatives & friends after 3 months to invite feedback 
  • Reviewing feedback from staff via staff review & bereaved family questionnaire  
  • Consulting with staff and residents on end-of-life care. 
  • Building on and promoting good practice within the centre 
  • Drive improvements in end-of-life care 
  • Developing EOLC Action Plan 

Participants will be asked to commence their nursing home’s quality improvement initiatives by holding Death Reviews, sending bereaved relatives’ questionnaire, and analysing feedback received to implement changes to enhance EOLC. 

This workshop focuses on change management processes and team dynamics in supporting the participants to instil the quality improvement framework within their nursing home. Topics covered include feedback from Death Reviews & Bereaved relatives’ questionnaires (anonymised), implementing change, developing EOLC vision and ongoing EOLC work plan 

Please contact your local regional lead to get involved.
Caru Regional Leads